vl-logoVeterinarians need lenders, and lenders need veterinarians. The problem? Connecting the two. On an early Saturday morning a concept popped into my head. believes there are two compatible people out there, they just need to find each other, and Lending Tree believes you can borrow money from a lender clear across the nation and never set foot in their bank. Combining the two ideas I launched the company. Nearly a decade later the website has handled over $500,000,000 of loan requests, and helped veterinarians pair with willing lenders. This internet-only based company embraced the web’s power to bring people together no matter where they are located.

Lesson Learned: Identify a problem and solve it. Internet companies can be a great low overhead small business that you can run from anywhere in the world. As a value added, make your kids majority shareholders. They can learn about business at a very early age, something that will serve them well throughout their entire lives.

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